Sensual Movement

Dance. Expand. Perform.

“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”  – Isadora Duncan

Learn a passionate choreography that will awaken your senses. Create your own movement signature.


This course was designed with passion for anyone, who enjoys dance and movement and is willing to explore expressing sexual energy through dancing. 

If you are ready to jump into the adventure of learning jazz-dance technique and perform a group choreography at the end of the course – welcome on board! 


Duration and Format:

9 Week dance course finalized with a stage performance (Themed choreography).

Total: 9 classes + performance

Although we dance with intention and not for attention, a group performance is a chance to express and share the joy of sensual movement with the audience. Let’s be proud of our bodies and the way we move! 

Each Class (90min) consists of the following elements:

Tuning In: arriving in the body, increasing body awareness through somatic movement, mindfulness and breathing. Tuning in to the heart and body-wisdom.

Warm-Up: whole body jazz warm-up, working on the dance technique and elements of the choreography- across the floor, space orientation, presence, and confidence in the movement. 

Choreography: working on the choreography ( Jazz/Broadway/Burlesque/Freestyle). The routine will be introduced step by step and performed at the end of the series.*

Cooling Down: gentle stretching and relaxation.

Price: 250

When: Schedue will be annouced sooN

 Where:  Schwelle Wien


*Participation in the performance is not mandatory but should be clarified at the beginning of the course. The performance will take place at the same space – Schwelle Wien (only for invited guests or as an open evening-  this will be discussed with the participants at the beginning of the course). We are shaping this event together as a group and everybody should feel safe and confident while performing and dancing.