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16 – 20. May 2024
Veduna Retreats / Slovenia

Female Body wisdom & sensuality Retreat


Reconnect with your Feminine Essence in the Midst of Nature 

what to expect? 

This 4 nights / 5 days magical retreat is a place where woman gather to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies, their sensuality and the nature in its purest form. 


During this retreat we will focus on the female embodiment by presenting and applying techniques and approaches that will be transmitted in different settings: classes, workshops, ceremonies, and circles.

Various embodiment and spiritual practices - yoga & ayurveda, bodywork, dance (sensual movement), chanting, and more

are combined to tackle not only the physical and emotional body, but also the spirit - the essence of womanhood.

The program was set in a way that allows participating women to learn practical skills that can be applied in the everyday life -beyond the retreat duration.


All of this will be happening in the stunning landscape, in the midst of Slovenian hills and forests, in the retreat house surrounded with 23 hectares of virgin organic land.


For whom? 

This Retreat was designed for women of all ages who are curious to find out more about a healthy, conscious, and juicy lifestyle that honors the female body.

This retreat is for you if you...

  • would like to reconnect with the wisdom of your body and your feminine essence.

  • would like to learn how to honor your body according to the menstrual cycle or during (pre)menopause.

  • are curious about building a more conscious connection to your womb and your yoni.

  • would like to learn about traditional Eastern wellness and health techniques that are applicable at home.

  • are craving for some time for yourself in a sacred space in the nature, where you can hear your inner voice again



The classes and workshops will be held in English. If all participants will be german speakers, we will switch to German. 

Retreat Package

1 morning yoga PrCTICE 

Our daily morning Yoga practice will be a Vinyasa class based on Ashtanga Yoga. This powerful practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga and characterized by dynamic transitions that bring deep breathing and movement into a harmonic flow – a meditation in movement. A truly wonderful way to start the day. There will be enough time to start slowly with breathing exercises (pranayama), and complement with meditation practice and proper relaxation. 


​2 afternoon yin yoga

Yin Yoga targets different layers of the body and mind. We will learn all about the aim and the benefits of this slow and grounding yoga practice. We will learn how to practice in a way that is safe, while staying longer in the postures. We will explore how to stretch and stress the body in a yin way. We will learn which meridian lines are nourishing the female sexual and reproductive organs based on TCM and target these body regions, as well as use some acupressure points that support menstrual health and menopause symptoms.

3 workshops


Ayurvedic & TCM Self-Care    Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine system and the sister science of Yoga. In this workshop the wisdom of Ayurveda will be introduced, that is specifically important for health, vitality, and wellbeing of women. Additionally we will handcraft our own massage oils and learn Ayurvedic face oil massage techniques (how to use Guasha stone and cupping)​


Thai yoga bodywork     

In this workshop we will learn and practice Thai-Yoga bodywork techniques, that can be applied with your dear ones at home. We will focus on techniques that relax and revive the area around the pelvis and lower back, and lead to high relaxation levels

pelvic floor & Yoni Egg       In this workshop we will talk about female anatomy, as well as the importance, health and training of the pelvic floor. Yoni Egg will be introduced as a wonderful tool not only to train pelvic floor muscles, but also its use for meditation and reconnection with the yoni and discovery of all the potential for sensuality and sexuality. We will also prepare the yoni eggs for the upcoming Womb Wisdom ritual.

4 womb wisdom & Yoni Egg ritual 

This ritual is a safe space to establish sacred connection and communication with your yoni and womb. In this strong, guided group process you will be invited to connect with your body, your sensuality and the incredible wisdom of your womb. Worshipping the divine Feminine that finds its expression through you and your body. Who nows, maybe some of your questions will be answered on that evening?

Everything in this space is welcome, but nothing is obligatory. You are encouraged to listen to the needs of your body and respect your boundaries. 

5 Chanting circle


During this gathering we will explore the world of Bhakti Yoga - traditional chanting, singing from the heart. When voices come together singing mantras and sacred medicine songs, magical spaces can be opened, meditation happens naturally, and even shifts in the state of consciousness are possible. No singing skills are necessary - only openness to experience the connection between the vocal cords, the womb, and the heart.

6 sensual movement

During this dance workshop we will dive into sensual movement - the art of sensual embodiment, expressing our unique sexual energy through movement and dance. After warming up and practicing some dancing techniques , we will work on a short choreography and finish with free movement/ecstatic dance. No previous dance experience is necessary.

Retreat Location

"Veduna is a place of deep natural beauty, calm and relaxed energy and above all a place where the web of life is clearly intact. Thank you for creating a place for Sacred Ceremony, healing and prayer.”

Little Grandmother - Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Wisdom Keeper

A centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.

Veduna has 23 hectares of virgin organic land surrounded by hills and forests, part of which is set aside for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables using the principals of permaculture and biodynamics. A large portion of Veduna’s land is covered by ancient forest. Veduna can accommodate groups of up to 25 people. Sauna and a natural pool are available for the participants. 

There are twin, triple and dorm room options with shared and en-suite bathrooms.

The farm is located 600m above sea level in the north east of Slovenia. The country is blessed with a very high degree of natural diversity and the climate is a wonderful convergence of Continental, Alpine and Mediterranean.


It is possible to choose between:

  • 3 double rooms and 2 triple rooms with bathroom and balcony.

  • 2 dormitories with 4 single beds each and shared bathroom.

  • 2 twin / single rooms in the old farm house with shared bathroom.





Veduna provides two organic vegetarian meals a day - brunch and dinner. Each day we will enjoy a rich Brunch buffet that follows ayurvedic principles. We will start the day with a warm meal.

Brunch and Dinner are served with side dishes and seasonal salads. All meals are vegetarian. It is possible to cater for special dietary needs, such as vegan diets or intolerances if specified in advance.

Also provided are herbal teas (including their own organically grown and mixed Veduna blends) and coffee. Homemade cakes and biscuits, lattes and chai can be purchased in the café, which also sells other local artisan food products.



 1)  Retreat Package:  

      380 (regular price)             

      350€  (early bird, until January 31)



 2) Accommodation & mealS (3 Options)

Included in the price: 


  • Accommodation in appartments for 2 up to 4 people or in a double or triple room, or dormitory - 4 nights

  • 4x morning yoga classes

  • 4x Yin yoga classes

  • 3x Workshops / 1x Womb Wisdom Ritual/ 1x Singing from the heart Circle/ 1x Sensual Movement Class

  • 4x brunch, 4x dinner, afternoon snacks, tea and coffee

  • Sauna, outside natural pool

  • Yoga props, e.g. cushions, mats, blocks are provided by the retreat center

  • Goodie bag with essentials and tools for the workshops (Yoni Egg, Guasha Stone, Ingridients for a facial Oil) 


Not included:

  • Transport to the retreat location 

     432€  Double room - single beds, ensuite bathroom and balcony

     375€  Triple room - single beds, ensuite bathroom and balcony

     296€  Dormintory rooms - 4 single beds and shared bathroom






your Teachers

nikoleta - web ready - draft 1 -32.jpg

Nikoleta will guide you through the Yin classes, and the Ayurveda and bodywork workshops.

Nikoleta was introduced to Yin yoga and Tantra yoga a few years ago and since then her teaching style has evolved in a new way. She teaches primarily these soft and gentle yoga styles, combined with breathwork and meditation.

These yoga styles are soft in nature, they might even seem unspectacular from the outside. The practitioner experiences them as very powerful and partly challenging. They enable us to turn the awareness inward and learn how to relax and to ground ourselves.

Nikoleta has 600 training hours in Yin yoga and is certified in Tantra Yoga and Meditation. She compliments her passion for relaxation techniques with training in thai-yoga bodywork and she is an Ayurveda nutritional coach, specializing continuously more on women’s health and wellbeing.

230904_Justyna_sensual (212)_edited_edited.jpg

Justyna will be leading the morning yoga classes, sensual movement, chanting circle and guide through the womb wisdom & yoni egg ritual.

Justyna has over 700 hours training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is a certified meditation and Hatha Yoga teacher, dance teacher, conscious kink educator, and Reiki therapist. She has her background in academic research and worked in the area of molecular medicine for over five years. Science helped her understand the biochemistry of life, but it didn’t answer most of her questions about human nature, consciousness and spirituality.

Her calling and curiosity brought her to India, where she was studying Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga after many years of self- practice with different teachers.

In her teaching she combines modern scientific research, ancient eastern traditions, and her personal experience to help people reclaim their body wisdom as a gate to personal growth and healing.

Retreat Program

retreat schedule


16.5. thursday. Arrival 


16:30     Opening Circle
17:30     Yin Yo
19:30     Dinner 


17.5. friday


8:00       Morning Yoga
10:30     Brunch
Workshop 1: Ayurvedic / TCM Self-Care (Face massage techniques + oils)

Free Time
 Yin Yoga
19:00     Dinner 

20:00     Chanting Circle - Singing from the Heart


18.5. saturday


8:00       Morning Yoga

10:30     Brunch
Free Time
15.30     Workshop 2: Thai-Yoga Bodywork Techniques
17:00     Yin Yoga
19:00     Dinner
     Sensual Movement

19.5. sunday 

8:00       Morning Yoga
10:30     Brunch
30     Workshop 3: Pelvic Floor Intro & Training

Free Time
    Yin Yoga
19:00     Di
20:30     Womb Wisdom
& Yoni Egg Ritual

20.5. monday  


8:00       Morning Yoga
10:30     Brunch

11:30     Closing Circle

Cancellation Policy

Booking & Canellation policy


Retreat package:

The early bird discount is granted to participants who transfer the deposit until January 31, 2024.

A non-refundable deposit of 350 euros is required to hold your reservation (see cancellation and refunds).

After February 1, 2024 the non-refundable deposit amounts to 380 euros.

The balance is due no later than April 1, 2024.


Has to be paid directly at Veduna.

50% deposit of the accommodation costs for the booking confirmation 3 months before arrival.

Cancellation & refunds

Cancellation by the organizers:

In case the retreat has to be cancelled (minimum of 8 participants by March 1, 2024) by the organizers, a full refund of your payment will be issued within two weeks after the announcement of cancellation.

Cancellation by the participants:

Retreat package:

The deposit is non-refundable, unless participation is cancelled until January 31, 2024.

For cancellations between February 1 to March 14, 2024 50% or the retreat package can be refunded.

After March 15, 2024 the deposit is non-refundable anymore.



From 2 months to 1 month before arrival 50%, from 1 month before arrival 90% of the accommodation costs will be charged.

On the day of arrival or early departure 100% of the booking value.


There will be no refunds or price reductions for arriving late or leaving early.

The transfer of your credit to another participant is possible. In this case someone else has to be nominated.

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