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Personal Program
Embody your Spirituality 

  "The only limits are the limits created in the minds of another

that at some point we decided were true."

                                                              Dr. Nicole LePera

Spiritual practice can and should be personalized, based on your individual needs and your unique personality.
There are healthy habits and routines which can completely change your life. They should fit you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Everyone is different. My biggest dream and mission is to help people find their practice, one that will support them as they grow and transform their lives.

I work with body, mind, and energy.  

I use a variety of tools:

  •  Yoga Asana (postures) from several traditions

  •  Various asana sequences and movement flow

  •  Therapeutic Yoga   

  •  Breathwork and Pranayama   

  •  Relaxation techniques   

  •  Mindfulness and body awareness

  •  Different meditation techniques   

  •  Energy work (Reiki and more)

  •  Shamanism   

  •  Kriyas (purification techniques)   

  •  Guidance and consultation   




individual or small groups

Grab your family or friends and start your own yoga group!

Everything is possible.

This Personal Program is for you if you would like to:




  • Develop or refine your somatic and spiritual practice based on your individual needs

  • Gain strength and flexibility and learn more about your body

  • Learn how to integrate yoga and meditation into your daily life

  • Become independent in your yoga and meditation practice 

  • Create healthy habits in your life (including physical practice, mindfulness, meditation, proper breathing, journaling, and more) 

  • Define your own spiritual practice that will help you start or maintain positive changes in your life 

  • Start to take responsibility for our life and your daily routine

  • Learn to observe your mind and its influence on your life

  • Become aware of your energy and its flow and learn to navigate it

Where? - Wherever it's comfortable for you - your apartment or in a neutral space.

How? - The first consultation is free of charge. We get to know each other and talk about your needs and goals. During this meeting, we can design a program and a schedule that will fit you the best. Each offer is individually based on conditions and individual needs.*

 * Personal Yoga classes do not include a diagnosis and are to be clearly separated from counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching.

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