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Reclaiming Body Wisdom


Promoting Embodied Spirituality Based on Scientific Research and Ancient Wisdom

Body as a Temple

Body as a Guide

Body as a Portal 


My mission with BodyMind.Network is to bridge ancient wisdom with modern scientific research to help people reclaim their body wisdom as a gate to personal growth and healing. 


Embodied Spirituality integrates all human dimensions, including emotions, body, and sexuality. It considers the body as the home of the complete human being, as a microcosm of the universe, and as a vehicle for spiritual transformation through direct experience. 


An embodied spiritual practitioner is embracing the wholeness of human experience while remaining grounded in life - in the body, on earth, and in society. I believe that embodiment is the way to a contemporary, independent spirituality of our time, free from religious bias and dogma. 


The latest research in cognitive science and body-mind medicine is validating what eastern philosophers and ancient yogis have known and practiced for centuries. The body is not a mindless machine; the body and mind (matter and consciousness) are one. With this project and my work, I am aiming to make this knowledge available and applicable for as many people as possible, including you :) 

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“The meaning of life is not something to be discerned and known intellectually by the mind, but to be felt in the depths of our flesh.”

                                                                     Jorge N. Ferrer

Your mind is not only restricted to your brain – it’s non-local. Your body is much more than cells, tissues and organs. It is not a mindless machine in service to the superior brain - it has its own intelligence and awareness. It is a physical representation of our subconscious mind. It's interconnected with the mind and other layers of our being, creating an intelligent and multidimensional system.

Your body registers your thoughts, stores and feels your emotions, reflects psychological patterns, and keeps the score of every experience you ever had. Your body can become an incredible source of wisdom, if you learn how to listen to its intuitive voice.


According to the yogic tradition, all of the dimensions of the Self – physical-, emotional -, cognitive -, and spiritual- are expressed through the body interdependently. Becoming truly embodied means to become deeply aware of all these layers and experience their interconnection. 



"Believe nothing until you find it out for yourself."

Swami Vivekananda

Science and spirituality seem contradictious, but in my opinion, they are not.

A spiritual seeker and a scientist are both willing to find out the truth about life and the nature of reality. 


A true spiritual seeker must act scientifically – be systematic in studying life in a possibly unbiased way. A true scientist should have the openness to consider different means of knowledge other than senses and physical instruments as well as different approaches to understanding than only the materialistic one.

Creating a link between the material and the spiritual has become more and more important over the last decades, as it has become clear that many chronic diseases, often caused by our modern lifestyle, can be avoided or healed through holistic approaches to health and life.


I use my academic background to build a bridge between science and spirituality and to create a down-to-earth approach to embodiment and spiritual practices.
We have never needed it as much as we do now.

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  "Life isn't about finding yourself.
         Life is about creating yourself."       
                                                           George Bernard Shaw         

For me, spirituality is taking responsibility for your life, but still trusting the process.
It is the balance between these two.

It means seeking the truth – the essence of your true nature and connection to everything that is.

It is an act of courage to recognize the Divine within you. Realizing your highest potential and learning how to manifest positive changes in your life.
It's emotional and personal growth.
It's waking up.

Everyone is different. My biggest dream and mission is to help people find their own personal practice, one that will support them as they grow and transform their lives. I use a variety of tools (movement, breathing, relaxation, energy work, shamanism, different meditation techniques, and more) to promote independence and individuality in spiritual growth.

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