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Science Meets Spirituality


Dance and music influenced my whole life, which has shaped my love of movement and rhythm. I started to practice yoga ten years ago as a complement to my dancing routine, and it completely changed my life on many different levels - the way I breathe, the way I think, and the way I live my life.

The incredible machinery of the human body and the way it works is another thing that has always captured my attention. This fascination led me to my biotechnology studies and eventually to a job in molecular medicine, where I focused on epigenetics and cancer research.
Science helped me to understand the mechanisms and biochemistry of life, but it didn’t give me answers to my questions about human nature and spirituality.
After five years of working in different laboratories, I decided to follow the path of studying and teaching yoga – its philosophy, history, and practice. Yoga is one of the best things that has happened to me and has taught me much more about life than all the science books I read at university.

I have studied many styles of yoga over the last decade, but for the past four years, I mostly focused on Ashtanga Vinyasa with different teachers in Vienna and India. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a very structured and dynamic style, which requires focus, strength, and discipline. This practice is the reason why my body and mind became stronger than I could ever imagine. That is why I often base the structure of my classes on this beautiful and powerful yogic system.

I don’t follow any particular ideology, but rather try to apply my personal experiences and knowledge I have gained from different teachers and life.
There is, after all,  only one Yoga. ♥

Education and Certificates


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher


AyurYoga Eco Ashram

 Mysore district, India


MSc Biotechnology

Biotechnology in Medical Processes

University of Life Sciences, Warsaw

Universität Stuttgart



Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher


Samyak Yoga

Yoga Anusandhana Kendram

 Mysore, India


Jazz and Brodway Dance

Dance Instructor


Polish Sports Academy




Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher


Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy

Goa, India


Structural Bodywork

Fascial- based bodywork

Structural Alignment


Mitchell Gold

Ashtanga Vienna.png

Yoga Therapy

 Manju Pattabhi Jois

 Natasa Cvetkovic


European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga

...and some more

Being a good teacher means to always remain a student!

Never stop to learn and grow...

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