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Yoga and Mindfulness for Business

Hosting a regular yoga class at your company can help your employees support individual stress and self-management, improve focus and productivity, and reduce the chronic symptoms of sitting office work.

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice can significantly enhance your business’s bottom line, regardless of its industry.

In my Yoga- Mindfulness Program, I offer a carefully selected combination of physical exercises based on traditional yoga and various relaxation-, breathing-, and meditation techniques, including mindfulness.

The aim is to work at the physical, mental, and emotional levels. The program is designed to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and posture, as well as provide tools and techniques for self- reliant stress reduction and relaxation in any situation - on and off the yoga mat.

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Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness at the workplace: 


  • Improved stress tolerance, increase mental and physical productivity and patience

  • Higher brain functioning (intellectual function, memory, speech and language, complex perception, orientation, attention, judgment, planning, and decision-making)

  • Increased immune function

  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

  • Improved muscle strength and flexibility

  • Physical tension significantly reduced

  • Increased internal well-being and physical awareness 

  • Increased ability to empathize, improved interpersonal relationships

  • More transparent communication 

  • Lowered anxiety levels

  • Experience of being calm and internally still

  • Experience of feeling connected 

  • Deeper and proper breathing

  • Joint yoga classes promote a feeling of togetherness and team spirit




It is my personal goal to convey efficient methods to your team that will enable your employees to recognize the need for rest and relax and offer them various tools for proper breathing and relaxation, which leads to up to higher stress resilience and sustainable productivity.

 I adapt the level and intensity of the classes to the general condition of the group. No previous experience with yoga or meditation is necessary.


Class format: 60 - 90min

Place: your workplace ( I provide yoga mats, blocks, and belts).

We only need an empty room, that can easily fit the group

Language: German or English

Price: Depending on the group size, travel time and frequency

(the goal is that the participants pay less or equal than in the local yoga studio)


For more information or a scheduled meeting:

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