Retreats & Seminars

5 – 10 April 2022


Frühling Retreat

Klarhiet, Inspiration, Erblühen

In Kollaboration mit: Kloster Natursinne

Im Retreathaus Kloster NaturSinne begleiten wir dich beim Prozess der Inspirationssuche. Was nehme ich wahr, wenn ich in Kontakt bin mit meiner Essenz? Was inspiriert mich? Wovon möchte ich Abstand nehmen? Was brauche ich, um mich zu entfalten? 

24 September – 1. October 2022

Crete/ Greece

Yin & Yang Retreat 

Ashtanga Yoga meets Yin Yoga

with Meditation and Ayurveda

This 6 nights/ 7 days retreat offers a deep dive into Yoga practice including the theory of meditation and the wisdom of Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine system). The program combines two yoga traditions: Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga, allowing you to explore two complementary aspects of the practice.


Yin is known as the slow, feminine, receiving and passive aspect of life, while Yang represents the dynamic, masculine, providing, and active part. The dance of these two aspects creates a balanced and fulfilled life.

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