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2 – 6 October 2024
Veduna Retreats / Slovenia

Rituals of surrender

Kink & Tantra Retreat

This Retreat is a celebration of Sensual Movement, Sensual Somatics and Kink practices (Rope Play & Pain Processing) culminating in D/S Rituals (Dominance/Submission) grounded in Tantra. 

Diving down this rabbit hole, we will equip you with deep talks and knowledge about Erotic Blueprints, Core Erotic Theme – and what D/S can actually be at the cutting edge between art, kink and queer-feminism.

We will explore the following themes:

  • Tantric Yoga & Meditation & Orgasmic Breathing

  • Sensual Somatics & Sensual Movement

  • Sensual Rope Play (Shibari)

  • D/S Dominance/Submission & Worshiping

  • Erotic Pain Processing 

  • Erotic Blueprints 

  • Core Erotic Theme

  • Deep Talk(s) about D/S as kink-art


Foto: Moritz Schachner,

Retreat Package

Tantric yoga & Meditation 

All we do in this retreat is grounded in tantric philosophy. One essential aspect is metta – loving kindness, respect and compassion.  This is our guiding line through out the whole retreat. We will do somatic practices to get better connected to your body. Guided Meditations. Preparations for orgasmic breathing




​core erotic theme

It all starts with your unique and personal core erotic theme….The term “core erotic theme” is popularized in “The Erotic Mind” by Jack Morin. It refers to the primary underlying sexual fantasies, desires, or themes that are central to an individual’s sexual arousal and satisfaction. Exploring and understanding one’s core erotic theme can be helpful in understanding one’s own sexuality and in building a fulfilling sexuality/sensuality.

erotic blueprints


We continue with exploring your erotic blueprint(s). “The Erotic Blueprint™”  is a concept by sexologist Jaiya Ma who categorizes different types of sexual arousal and preferences as “erotic languages”. The five erotic blueprints she identifies are: Energetic, Sensual, Sexual, Kinky, and Shapeshifter. Each blueprint represents a different style of experiencing and expressing sexuality – an “erotic language”. Similar to learning language(s), everyone has a “native” language, some other languages we might speak close to native – and some others, we might speak it, but don´t like the sound that much – or we simply don´t know it at all. Getting to know your erotic blueprint is about getting to know your individual erotic vocabulary.   


Sensual Shibari/ Rope Play

In accord with the erotic blueprints, we will discover different qualities of rope play. While staying technically in the realm of minimalism, we will explore in depth how we can bring qualities and flavors in our connection with our rope partner and play while using rope as an additional tool. 

erotic pain processing  

Imagine pain was just an energy carrier, a vehicle… What if you could move it through your body and transform it into ecstatic power? In this workshop we will take an intimate journey through the world of pain and explore the space between stimulus and response. We will practice transforming the various pain stimuli into neutral impulses and moving them as energy through the body. We will explore using pain as a vehicle to ecstatic states and learn how to transform it into sexual energy in the body.

D/S & Worshipping

Bringing together all our new tools, we will add the dimension of D/S (Dominance/ Submission) play. Unveiling the sacred dance, a co creative journey of surrender and dominance. Exploring the soft dissonance within, the whisper of dominance yearning to lead intertwined with the gentle pull of surrender. The opposite forces that only flourish when working together. We will be exploring different aspects and flavors of D/S Play – devotion, dedication, worship, power exchange, freedom of giving in, responsibility of leading, leading as the service of the divine, dominance coming from the heart, discipline and punishment…

sensual movement


Sensual Movement classes are a playful exploration of body language, dance, and movement as an expression of sensual/sexual energy within you. Through guided technique exercises and improvisation, we will connect to our bodies and desires, embracing every curve, rhythm, and sensation. Starting with whole-body jazz warm-ups we will embark on a journey through dance technique, space orientation, flow, presence, and confidence in movement. Through a series of short choreographies, wavy movements and sensual improvisations, we will explore a diverse range of styles and techniques. With each step and gesture, unlocking new layers of confidence, and discovering the beauty and sensual power within ourselves.

final playjam

Because the night belongs to love and play. The final playjam is an open space for playful exploration, experiments and bringing together everything learned with what your unique personality brings to the table.  

For whom? 

  • This retreat is “open level” designed. We are covering a broad field of skills and sensuality in this retreat and we are prepared to give individual advice in the workshops in case you are a total beginner or an advanced practitioner in a particular topic. If you happen to be a total beginner in all the topics and in conscious sensuality/sexuality in general, please reach out to us before you register. 

  • There will be partner exercises. You are welcome to register alone, in pairs or tribes (with partner(s)/friend(s)/lover(s)).

    • Registered solos are self-responsible to choose partner(s) for exercises, we do NOT assign partners. 

    • Registered pairs/tribes can, but do not have to swap partners for exercises.

  • The retreat is open to all gender identities, sexual (non-) orientations and to all ethnic & socio-cultural backgrounds. 



The classes and workshops will be held in English. If all participants will be german speakers, we will switch to German. 

Prerequisites & Disclaimer:

  • A retreat like this can be intense. Skills for building consent, strategies for apologizing (in case something doesn´t go as planned) and physical/emotional/mental/spiritual self-regulation skills are mandatory for participation.

  • Mental health: If you happen to be (or have been in the last 2 years) in psychotherapy and/or using psychopharmaca because of depression, schizophrenia, any kind of personality disorder, strong traumata or similar please reach out to us before you register. Tantric practices and D/S can have a very powerful psychological and emotional impact and require a certain mental and emotional stability.  

  • Physical health: Practices like tantra, shibari or sensual movement require some physical abilities (f.e. movement, flexibility etc.). However, we are comfortable that we can advice individually in case a movement doesn’t work for you and find an alternative together.

  • This retreat is not a “classical” sex-positive space. Explicit sexuality (focus on penetration, nudity, genitals only) is not welcome in the workshop space. All other individual expressions of eroticism, sensuality and intensity are welcome.

Retreat Location

"Veduna is a place of deep natural beauty, calm and relaxed energy and above all a place where the web of life is clearly intact. Thank you for creating a place for Sacred Ceremony, healing and prayer.”

Little Grandmother - Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Wisdom Keeper

A centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.

Veduna has 23 hectares of virgin organic land surrounded by hills and forests, part of which is set aside for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables using the principals of permaculture and biodynamics. A large portion of Veduna’s land is covered by ancient forest.

Veduna can accommodate groups of up to 25 people. Sauna and a natural pool are available for the participants.

There are twin, triple and dorm room options with shared and en-suite bathrooms.

The farm is located 600m above sea level in the north east of Slovenia. The country is blessed with a very high degree of natural diversity and the climate is a wonderful convergence of Continental, Alpine and Mediterranean.


It is possible to choose between:

  • 3 double rooms and 2 triple rooms with bathroom and balcony.

  • 2 dormitories with 4 single beds each and shared bathroom.

  • 2 twin / single rooms in the old farm house with shared bathroom.





Veduna provides three organic vegetarian meals a day - brunch and dinner. Brunch and Dinner are served with side dishes and seasonal salads. All meals are vegetarian. It is possible to cater for special dietary needs, such as vegan diets or intolerances if specified in advance.

Also provided are herbal teas (including their own organically grown and mixed Veduna blends) and coffee. Homemade cakes and biscuits, lattes and chai can be purchased in the café, which also sells other local artisan food products.



 1)  Retreat Package:  

450 (regular price)  or

520  (support price)  



 2) Accommodation & mealS (3 Options)

432€  Double room - single beds, ensuite bathroom and balcony 

376€  Triple room - single beds, ensuite bathroom and balcony

296€  Dormintory rooms - 4 single beds and shared bathroom

640€ Single room - ensuite bathroom and balcony

Included in the price: 

Retreat Package with all classes and workshops, 4 nights incl. vegetarian/vegan, regional meals (4 times breakfast, lunch & dinner; snacks&tea all day).

VEDUNA retreats also offers a natural swimming pool, sauna, fire place, privacy & silence with over 23 hectars of private land):

Not included:

  • Transport to the retreat location 

Start: Wed. 2th of October 2024: Start about 2 pm (tba)

End: Sun 6th of October 2024: End 2pm (tba)


your facilitators


Justyna (Jay) is a conscious kink and embodiment facilitator, yoga and dance teacher with a scientific background. In her work, she combines ancient spiritual traditions, modern research and her personal experience to help people reclaim their body wisdom as a portal for personal growth and transformation. Her practice is informed by many years of experience and self-study in the field of BDSM/kink, shamanism, energy work and other embodied spiritual practices. Since 2021 she has been working internationally, giving her workshops and lectures on “Pain Processing” – a bridge between scientific understanding of pain processing, and the practice of pain induced ecstatic states, trance and emotional release.

Miyo and Jay have been practicing D/S, Kink-styles and ropes for more than 10 years and are teaching together since 2018.

For registration please press the button below. It will take you to Miyo's mail address. Please write your name, who you want to come with (single registrations are possible as well), and your preferred room option. We will guide you through the rest of the registration process. 

Retreat Program

Booking & Canellation policy

Retreat Package:

Your spot is reserved after you have registered by e-mail and transferred the registration fee for your ticket (you will receive bank details by e-mail when you register). The min. group size is 8, max. 16 participants (we will confirm via email when the minimum group size is reached, please do not book travel tickets before!). 

If the workshop cannot take place, you will of course get a full refund. 

If you cancel your registration up to 90 days before the start of the retreat, your deposit will also be 50% refunded.

Cancellation policy of Veduna retreats (accommodation fee): 

if a participant pays some or all of a accommodation fee and subsequently needs to cancel their booking, the following refund policy will apply:

(a) cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the retreat, a 90% refund will apply.

(b) cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the retreat, no refund will be provided, unless due to Covid-19 travel restrictions prohibiting travel to join the Retreat, in which case a 90% refund will apply.

We recommend that all participants take out travel insurance to cover cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

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