24.September. – 1.October 2022
Crete / Greece

Yin & Yang Retreat

Ashtanga Yoga meets Yin Yoga

with Meditation and Ayurveda


what to expect? 

This 7 nights/ 7 days retreat offers a deep dive into Yoga practice including the theory of Meditation and the wisdom of Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine system). The program combines two yoga traditions: Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga, allowing you to explore two complementary aspects of the practice.


Yin is known as the slow, feminine, receiving and passive aspect of life, while Yang represents the dynamic, masculine, providing, and active part. The dance of these two aspects creates a balanced and fulfilled life. The Yang aspect will be represented in the dynamic Ashtanga practice in the morning, and the Yin aspect in the calm and soothing, yet gently demanding practice in the evening.


For whom? 

The retreat suits both experienced practitioners who are wishing to deepen their yoga practice and understanding of philosophical aspects, as well as curious beginners who feel ready for a challenge of leaving the well known comfort zone. The classes will be adjusted to the level of the group and individual needs of the participants.  



The classes and workshops will be held in English. If all participants will be German speakers, we will switch to German. 

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Retreat Package

1 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

This powerful practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga and supplemented with dynamic transitions that bring deep breathing and movement into a harmonic flow – a meditation in movement. Throughout the intelligent sequence of postures, the energetic intensity increases, reaches a peak, and then decreases to end up in deep relaxation. A truly wonderful way to start the day. 


Ashtanga Led Classes

First 3 classes will be guided and completed with yogic breathing exercises and meditation. A great opportunity to learn the sequence (Ashtanga 1. Series) and gain physical strength. The classes will be backed up with theoretical background so that participants can not only experience, but also understand the great advantages of this practice. 


Mysore Style Classes

Following 3 classes students will practice at their own pace and level (with the help and support when needed) and get individual, in-depth adjustments from the teacher. Mysore style is a great chance to grow into the practice, dive into the deeper layers of the body–mind and learn how to practice independently. 

For a detailed program click here

About your Teachers

Additional treatments upon request:

  • Reiki Healing sessions

  • Thai-Yoga bodywork

  • Ayurveda consultation 

  • Private yoga classes

(special price for retreat participants for 60 minute sessions = 55€)

retreat schedule

Retreat Location

Orizon Center For Life and Creation is a beautiful retreat location directly by the sea on the north coast of Crete. The center is located just a 30-minute drive from Chania airport and two-hours from Heraklion airport. 


A private walking path from Orizon Center to the sea allows the guests to connect with nature and enjoy the private beach. The center has its own swimming pool and a huge yoga shala. It is possible to practice indoors as well as outdoors, enjoying a spectacular view over Souda bay, the peninsula and the expansive sky. 

There is a good connection with buses, directly stopping in front of Orizon, so you can take off for sightseeing in the free afternoons and enjoy other beaches or cultural sites that Crete has to offer. We can assist you with information for traveling to the retreat center, renting cars, and the possibilities for day excursions.

Retreat program



It is possible to choose from apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms (see prices below). 

Each apartment includes:


  • Huge, private balcony with a view of Souda Bay and it's beautiful sunsets

  • Kitchen with a fridge, coffee machine, kettle, dishes and utensils 

  • Shared Bathroom

  • WIFI

  • A/C





Breakfast, as well as the welcome and farewell dinner are included in the price and are served at the Orizon Center. As each apartment has its own kitchen, there is an option to prepare your own meals. Additionally there is a possibility to book a dinner at the Orizon Center. Further options for meals can be found in the area.

PricE options



Apartment with one bedroom shared by 2 persons 


 single beds, shared kitchen and bathroom


Apartment with two bedrooms shared by up to 4 persons 


single beds, double bed option, shared kitchen and bathroom


Apartment with three bedrooms shared by up to 6 persons 


2 rooms with single beds, 1 room with double, shared kitchen and bathroom

Early Bird 10 % discount

- for bookings until JUNE 30, 2022

Included in the price: 


  • Accommodation in apartments for 2 up to 4 or 6 people (additional fee for single occupation) – 7 nights

  • 6x Ashtanga classes

  • 6x Yin yoga classes

  • 1x Tantra Yoga class

  • 2x Workshops (Meditation and Ayurveda)

  • 7x Ayurvedic breakfast buffet 

  • 1x Welcome dinner

  • 1x Farewell dinner

  • Yoga props, e.g. cushions, mats, blocks are provided by the retreat center


Not included:


  • Flight ticket 

  • Transport to the retreat location 

  • Other meals than indicated above

  • Additional treatments 

  • Leisure time activities

Booking & Cancellation Policy details here

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your Teachers

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Nikoleta will guide you through the Yin part of this journey and give the Ayurveda Workshop. 


Nikoleta was introduced to Yin yoga and Tantra yoga a few years ago and since then her teaching style has evolved in a new way. She teaches primarily these soft and gentle yoga styles, combined with breathwork and meditation. 

These yoga styles are soft in nature, they might even seem unspectacular from the outside. The practitioner experiences them as very powerful and partly challenging. They enable us to turn the awareness inward and learn how to relax and to ground ourselves.  

Nikoleta is certified in Tantra Yoga and Meditation and has 600 training hours in Yin yoga. She compliments her passion for relaxation techniques with training in thai - yoga bodywork and she is an Ayurveda nutritional coach.



Justyna will be teaching Ashtanga classes in the morning and pranayama (yogic breathwork), as well as the meditation workshop. 


Justyna has over 700 hours training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is a certified Meditation and Hatha Yoga teacher, dance teacher and Reiki therapist. Her background lies in academic research as she worked in the area of molecular medicine for over five years. Science helped her understand the biochemistry of life, but it didn’t answer most of her questions about human nature, consciousness and spirituality. Her calling brought her to India, where she was studying Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga followed by many years of self - practice with different teachers.     

In her teaching she combines modern science, ancient eastern traditions, and her personal experience to help people reclaim their body wisdom as a gate to personal growth and healing.



retreat program

24.9. Friday. Arrival 


18:00         Welcome and Introduction

18:30         Yin Yoga (75min)

20:00         Welcome Dinner 


25.9. Saturday


  8:00        Ashtanga Yoga Led (120min) 

10:00        Breakfast

11:00        Free time

17:45        Yin Yoga (90min)


26.9. Sunday


  8:00        Ashtanga Yoga Led (120min)

10:00        Breakfast

12:30        Free time

17:45        Yin Yoga + Sound Healing (105min)

27.9. Monday

  8:00        Ashtanga Yoga Led (120min)

10:00        Breakfast

11:00        Workshop: Meditation theory and practice (90min)

12:30        Free time

17:45        Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra (90min)


28.9. Tuesday


  8:00        Ashtanga Mysore Style (120min)

10:00        Breakfast

11:00        Free Afternoon & Evening (No Evening Class!)

29.9. Wednesday


  8:00        Ashtanga Mysore Style (120min)

10:00        Breakfast

11:00        Workshop: Ayurveda introduction, nutrition & practices for autumn (90min)

12:30        Free time

17:45        Yin Yoga (90min)

30.9. Thursday


  8:00        Ashtanga Mysore Style (120min)

10:00        Breakfast

11:00        Free time

17:45        Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra (105min)

20:00        Farewell dinner


1.10. Friday


  8:30        Tantra Yoga (90min)

10:00        Breakfast and closing circle, check-out


Booking & Canellation policy


  • A deposit of 300 € is required to hold your reservation. The balance is due and must be received by the retreat organizers until July 31, 2022.

  • The early bird discount of 10% is granted to participants who transfer the deposit until June 30, 2022.

  • The balance is due no later than July 31, 2022 - only until then the early bird discount can be given. After July 31,2022 the regular prices have to be paid.

  • Bookings in June and July can be made by transferring the deposit first and the balance later, until July 31, 2022.

  • Bookings made in August and September are confirmed only after payment of the entire retreat fee.

  • In case of cancellation, the policies as described below define to which refund the participant is entitled.




  • If the participation has to be cancelled (due to no covid restriction related reasons), the retreat organizers offer partly refunds as described on this site.

  • The transfer of your credit to another participant. In this case someone else has to be nominated.

  • Penalties may apply depending on the time of your cancellation.

  • This does not apply to verifiable covid related reasons for cancellation where we understand that travel insurance may not cover a last minute cancellation). In this case, we will try to refund as much as possible and only keep non-refundable deposits already made to the retreat location.

  • There will be no refunds or price deductions for arriving late or leaving early.



  • A deposit of 300 € is required to hold your reservation. The balance is due and must be received by the retreat organizers until July 31, 2022.

  • Cancellation 90 days or more (until June 26, 2022) prior the first day of the retreat: the participant receives a full refund of payments made, including the 300 € deposit.

  • Cancellation between less than 90 days and 30 days prior the first day of the retreat (between June 27 and August 25, 2022): guest receives a 50% refund of payments made, less the 300 € deposit.

  • Cancellation 29 days prior the first day of the retreat (on or after August 26, 2022): no refunds can be given.

  • Cancellation by the organizers: In case the retreat has to be cancelled by the organizers, a full refund of the payment will be issued within two weeks after the announcement of cancellation. There is an option of keeping the accommodation part of the payment and keeping the room at the retreat center as planned under the same price conditions. In this case only the yoga teaching part of the payment will be refunded.